5 Little Monsters: Layered Wood Pumpkins

Layered Wood Pumpkins

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I am not a huge pumpkin fan when it comes to foods and/or drinks, but when it comes to fall decor I do love them. And with the arrival of September comes pumpkin season in my mind. One reason I like pumpkins is that they work so well from September through November. From general fall decor, through to Halloween, and Thanksgiving. 

This pumpkin project was made with a Cricut Maker using the knife blade. I cut them out of basswood, though you could also use chipboard or other heavyweight materials. I also used some wood veneer on a couple of them to give a different look. 

The thought I had with this project is that I wanted to make a simple wood pumpkin cutout, but that was layered to give it a little more dimension. Something that I could use just by itself or as part of a larger project. Like adding them to a fall garland type thing to hang on a mantle, or putting them on a fall wreath, gluing them to a wood plaque to make a fall sign, or whatever else you could think to do with them. 

They could also be painted or stained. I just decided to keep them either as plain basswood, or add the wood veneer to the top to add a different color. 

How to Make Layered Wood Pumpkins with the Cricut Maker

You will need:


Open the Layered Wood Pumpkins Design Space File  in Cricut Design Space.

I made my pumpkins 4 inches wide and was able to fit 4 pumpkins (both pieces) on one 11" x 11" piece of basswood. You can resize as needed to make the desired size.

Slide the white star wheels all the way to the right side of bar. Place your basswood on the strong grip mat, lined up in the top left corner. Use masking tape to tape down all 4 sides.

Load the mad into the Maker and cut out the pumpkins from the basswood. 

If you are using the wood veneer layer repeat the process with the wood veneer but use the deep point blade instead of the knife blade. 

If using wood veneer cut the stem off of the wood veneer piece so that the basswood shows through. Then glue the veneer layer on the basswood layer of both pieces.

Glue the oval piece onto the top of the pumpkin layer lining up the bottom. You may want to set something heavy on top as the glue dries to keep it nice and flat. 

Use as is, or paint, or stain, or glue onto something, or whatever else you want to do with them. 

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