5 Little Monsters: Easy Two-Color Pillowcases

Easy Two-Color Pillowcases

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This holiday season JOANN is partnering with St. Jude to raise money to help children battling illnesses. The goal is to raise $1M to raise to help these children, and they have several ways that you can help. One way is through donations in stores or online at joann.com/st-jude. Another way that they are raising money is through a collection of fabrics inspired by artwork created by St. Jude patients

I chose a couple different prints from this collection to make some fun pillowcases. The prints that I chose were a bright yellow print with aliens and rockets, and a lime green with the word hope in several different languages. 

I used just over a yard of each fabric and was able to make 2 pillowcases, one with the alien fabric as the main print with the hope fabric for the band, and the other with the hope fabric as the main print and the alien fabric as the band. The band along the top gives a nice finished edge to the pillowcase, leaving no raw edges along that top portion. 

These pillowcases are a really great easy sewing project. They are super quick to make, if you are looking for a project you can make in just a few minutes start to finish this is a great project to make. They are also perfect for a beginning sewing project. The perfect project for someone who is learning to sew, it is great for kids too. And they are great to make for gifts too, especially with the holiday season coming up. Be sure to check out the other fabrics in the collection, some of them would be perfect for holiday pillowcases!

How to Make Two-Color Pillowcases

You will need:


Fold the fabric in half so the selvedges are lined up (the way it is folded on a bolt)

Main color: cut into a rectangle 26" long and 21" from the edge of the fold (42" when opened up)

Contrasting color: cut into a rectangle 12" long and 21" from the edge of the fold (42" when opened up)

Sew the main fabric right sides together (folded along the same edge so that it is still 26" x 21") along the long side and one shorter side with a 1/2" seam allowance. Turn right side out.

Sew the contrasting fabric with right sides together (folded along the same edge so that it is still 12" x 21") along the short edge only so make a tube. 

Fold the contrasting color band in half so that it is only 6" tall and press.

Pin the band around the opening of the pillowcase with the raw edges lined up and matching the seam. 

Sew around the egde. 

Press the pillowcase and topstitch around the edge of the band to give it a nice finish. 

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