5 Little Monsters: Thanksgiving Activity Placemats with Cricut

Thanksgiving Activity Placemats with Cricut

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New images and designs are always being added to Cricut Design Space, and a month or so ago I saw that they had added some Thanksgiving Activity Placemat designs. I thought they looked like they would be a lot of fun for kids at Thanksgiving so I thought I would make some and share them here so that others can make them too. 

The designs that I used were straight out of Design Space, and included with Cricut Access. There were 10 different designs, so you could pick and choose the ones you like best. I made 4 of the different designs as samples. 

I made them the default size that they came when added to the canvas, which is about 11.5" x 8". You won't really be able to go any larger than that with 12x12 paper and mat. The only way to make it larger would be to use 12x24 paper and mat, but I felt like the size was fine as it was. 

The only complaint that I had is that there is a lot of writing on each one and it takes a whole for the Cricut to do all of that, so if you plan on making several make sure you have plenty of time, and maybe have something else to work on while the Cricut does it's thing. Well, that and the fact that they spelled tic-tac-toe wrong, but kids probably won't care or notice. 

All of the placemat designs have word puzzles, word searches, unscramble letters, write what you are thankful for, etc. For that reason they probably work best for school age kids, but even younger kids could color them and do some of the activities.

How to Make Cricut Thanksgiving Activity Placemats

You will need:


Open the Thanksgiving Placemat Design Space File, or open a new canvas and under images search Thanksgiving Placemat. There should be 10 different designs available. 

The size that they come up should be 11.5"x8", leave them this size. 

Cut and draw the placemats following the prompts on the cut screen. You will need to have a pen loaded in clamp A. Black would be best, I couldn't find my black Cricut Pen so I used a gray color (armadillo). You will also want to use cardstock colors that are light enough for kids to color on. White and cream are probably the best choices. I was out of 12x12 white so I used cream and a light green. 

Once the placemats are finished you can leave them as is and color with colored pencils, crayons, or markers. Or if you want them to last a little longer and be reusable you can laminate them using a laminator and legal size laminating sheets, or clear contact paper. Then use dry erase markers to color and do the activities. 

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