5 Little Monsters: Days Until Christmas Chalkboard

Days Until Christmas Chalkboard

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A few weeks ago I was at a store looking at the Christmas decorations that they had out and I saw a little easel style Christmas countdown chalkboard. It was really simple but I thought it was cute. Then later I was at Walmart and saw some similar size/style chalkboards in their craft section and decided to get one so I could make a countdown chalkboard similar to the one that I had seen earlier. 

The chalkboard was only a couple dollars and you only need a tiny bit of vinyl, so this project is pretty inexpensive to make. 

I decided to use my Cricut Joy to make it, but you could use any Cricut machine. The Joy is great for small projects like this, and its small size makes it easy to pull out and use. It doesn't cut huge pieces of vinyl, but it was the perfect size for this project. 

I plan on sticking this up on our mantle with some garland and our stockings, where we can count down the days until Christmas. We have put our trees up, since with my blog I have been working on Christmas projects for a few weeks now and it makes it easier to take pictures that way, but I haven't gotten as far as decorating the mantle and hanging stockings yet. 

How to Make a Days Until Christmas Chalkboard

You will need:


Resize the design as needed to fit your chalkboard.

Cut the design out of vinyl following the instructions on the cut screen. 

Weed and use transfer tape to transfer the design onto the bottom of the chalkboard. Transfer the holly leaves first, then the red piece placing the berries on the circles on the leaves, then last add the white words on the top. 

Grab a piece of chalk or a chalk marker and start counting down the days until Christmas. 

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