5 Little Monsters: Joy Wreath Sign

Joy Wreath Sign

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I recently shared a simple Christmas craft project over on Design Dazzle as part of their Christmas Wonderful Series and today I am going to share it here. This little Joy Wreath Sign is a really quick and easy project to make, and I think it turned out pretty cute.

Christmas time is one of my favorite times of the year. And since I also love making things Christmas crafting is one of my favorite things. Even better if the Christmas craft is something that doesn’t take a lot of time to make since as much as I love this time of year it can tend to get pretty busy. 

The longest part of making this sign is waiting for the paint to dry! It is simple enough that pretty much anyone could make it. My sign is 5" x 10" but you could easily adjust the sizes to make it bigger. 

When I originally had the idea for this sign I wanted to put a small wreath in place of the O in joy, but when I started looking for small wreaths I wasn’t able to find what I was looking for. Instead, I found some mini garland that I was able to cut and twist into a wreath shape. I thought it ended up working perfectly.

The sign was just a small wooden slat sign I picked up at the craft store. Then I cut the J and the Y from red vinyl and stuck them onto the sign after the paint was dry. The wreath was glued onto the sign.

How to Make a Joy Wreath Sign

You will need:


Paint the sign with white paint. Set aside to dry.

Wrap a piece of the garland into a circle to make a wreath. I wrapped it about 3 times to get the thickness that I wanted. Clip the wire and wrap the end around to secure.

Cut the J and Y out of red vinyl. If you are using a Cricut you can use my Joy Sign Design Space File Here. if you are using a different cutting machine or want a different font just make sure that you measure the space you have on either side when the wreath is in the middle. I cut my letters 3.5″ tall and they were around 2″ wide."

Place the wreath in the center of the sign and hot glue in place. Place the vinyl letters on either side of the wreath to complete the word.

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