5 Little Monsters: 10 Crocheted Pencil Bags

10 Crocheted Pencil Bags

I have created quite a few pencil bags over the years, including 2 new ones this past week. I thought I would put together a  quick round up of all of my pencil bags, and I can add to it as I design more.

Most of the pencil bags are created using one basic pattern as the base, with pieces added to it to create the different designs. There are a couple of exceptions, that are made in a different style. Some are simple variations to that basic bag, adding stripes, edging, etc., others add eyes, ears and other features to turn the basic bag into favorite animals and characters.

Here are the bags, starting with the basic pattern, click on the name or picture to go to the pattern:

1. Basic Crocheted Pencil Bag

2. Monster Pencil Bag

Add eyes, teeth, and spikes to make this fun monster variation.

3. Owl Pencil Bag

The owl bag uses 2 colors, then add big round eyes, a beak, and little tufts in the corners to make this version. 

4. Unicorn Pencil Bag

This is my newest pencil bag (at least at the time I am writing this post). It also uses the basic base pattern with a horn, ears, and a flower crown added, and it is finished off with embroidered eyes.

5. Mermaid Tail Pencil Pouch

This is one of the few bags that doesn't use my basic pattern as a base. It is crocheted the opposite direction with the opening on one of the short ends. 

This simple variation of the basic bag adds a scalloped edging along the edge of the flap, and a flower appliqué on the front. 

7. Striped Pen Pouch

Another simple variation to the basic bag, change it up with stripes.

8: TARDIS Pencil Bag

This bag is made to look like the TARDIS from Doctor Who. It uses colorwork and textured stitches to give it the look of the Police Box.

9. Ninja Turtle Pencil Bag

 A stripe across the front to make a mask turns this pencil bag into a ninja turtle.

10. Fabric & Crochet Zipper Bag

This last bag is a little different, it doesn't use the same pattern and isn't specifically a pencil bag, but it is similar in size to the others and could be used as a pencil bag. It combines crochet with a fabric pouch. 

I will add more to this list as I make them. These pencil bags are fun to make. They don't take long and are great for back to school time to hold pens and pencils, or for anytime to hold any small items you want. 

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