5 Little Monsters: Top 20 Posts of 2022

Top 20 Posts of 2022

I can hardly believe another year is over and we are heading into 2023. Each year I like to go back and look at the projects I made throughout the year and it is fun to see which of those new projects were the most popular. The last few years I have done a round-up of my top 20 posts of the year, and now it is time for the Top 20 0f 2022. 

Before I get to the Top 20 Posts, I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you to all of you that are reading this post. Thank you for you support in following my blog, using my patterns and tutorials, interacting with my posts on social media, purchasing pdf patterns, and everything else you do to help support my business. It has been a good year for me, I have been able to achieve some 

Here are the top 20 projects from 2022, counting down from 20 to number 1:

5 Little Monsters Top 20 of 2022

20. Double Crochet Stripes Hat

Coming in at number 20 is the Double Crochet Stripes Hat. This hat has a simple raised stripe texture and is available in 5 sizes from baby-adult. All sizes are available for free on the blog, or a PDF version of this pattern is available for purchase on Etsy and Ravelry. 

19.Crocheted Frog

This crocheted frog, made with soft bulky weight chenille yarn, was a special request by my oldest daughter because frogs are her favorite animal. 

18. House Elf

This little House Elf was inspired by Dobby from the Harry Potter books. 

17. Christmas Cookie Mini Amigurumi

Number 17 is the little Christmas Cookie from the Mini Amigurumi Advent in November. This was a really fun project for me, sharing all 24 Mini Amigurumi over the course of 24 days. You will see several of the amigurumi from this series in the top 20. I have plans to repeat the Mini Amigurumi Advent again in 2023, as well as some additional, smaller, Mini Amigurumi Crochet-Alongs throughout the year. 

16. Hot Chocolate Mini Amigurumi

Another of the Mini Amigurumi, this little mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows was the day 6 project. 

15. Crocheted Mermaid Water Bottle

Carry your water bottle in in a fun mermaid inspired holder. Two options available, one with a tail and the other without. 

14. Baby Bear Hat

Coming in at number 14 is the baby bear hat. It comes in 3 sizes from newborn - 12 months. 

13. Teddy Bear Mini Amigurumi

And another Mini Amigurumi Advent project coming in at number 12, a tiny little teddy bear from day 5. 

12. Graduation Bear

Celebrate your grad with this crocheted teddy bear, complete with graduation cap and diploma.

11. Crocheted Christmas Finger Puppets Set

This set of Christmas themed finger puppets includes a snowman, Santa, elf, and a reindeer, all stored in a little gingerbread house drawstring bag. 

10. Trellis Stripe Market Bag

Coming in at number 10 is the Trellis Stripe Market Bag. It uses alternating bands of double crochet stitches and an open trellis stitch. 

9. Angel Mini Amigurumi

Now for another amigurumi from the Mini Amigurumi Advent, the Angel from day 3. 

8. Gnome Mini Amigurumi 

And the Angel is followed by the little Gnome also from the Mini Amigurumi Advent. He is the amigurumi from day 10. 

7. Dice/Trinket Bags 3 Ways

These little drawstring bags are perfect for holding a set of dice, or any small trinkets you want. There are 3 different styles included, all inspired by hat patterns I have made. 

6. Snowman Mini Amigurumi

Day 2 of the Mini Amigurumi Advent was this little snowman, and it comes in at number 6 of the top 20 patterns of the year. 

5. Trinity Hat

Number 5 is the Trinity Hat. This hat pattern is available in 5 sizes from baby to adult, and it is also available free on the blog or you can get a PDF version on Etsy or Ravelry. I love the texture of the stitches on this hat. 

4. Crocheted Dragon

Number 4 is my Crocheted Dragon pattern. This was a favorite of mine from the year. It is based on a dinosaur pattern I made a couple of years ago that with a few little tweaks turned into a cute dragon. I love the way it turned out. 

3. Tiny Turtles

The third most popular pattern of the year was the tiny turtles pattern. This little rainbow of turtles was a lot of fun to make and they work up pretty fast too, since they are so small. This is another pattern that is available both free on my blog, as well as an ad-free PDF version available for purchase on Etsy or Ravelry.

2. Tiny Tree Mini Amigurumi

Now for number 2 we have the last of the Mini Amigurumi Advent patterns to make the list, and it is the Tiny Tree from day 1. The main page for the Mini Amigurumi Advent where I announced the series and linked the patterns for each day was actually the second most visited post on my blog this year, but I decided not to include it since it wasn't an individual pattern, and so many of the projects ended up on the list anyway. This was a really fun project for me and I am so glad that so many of you enjoyed it as well. 

1. More Crocheted Surprise Eggs

And finally, coming in at number one, the most visited new project on my blog this year is the More Crocheted Surprise Eggs. This little set of 3 animal is a sequel to the original surprise eggs pattern from a few years ago. This time little buttoned eggs hold a pig, a frog, and an owl. These are perfect for Easter baskets, Christmas stockings, or anytime you need a fun little gift or quiet toy for kids. 

Thanks again for all of your support of  5 Little Monsters. I hope you enjoyed this look back at the past year, and I can't wait to share more new patterns and projects this next year. I have some big plans that I am excited about and I think it is going to be a good year. 

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